Other Things

This is just a page of miscellaneous bits and pieces not directly related to the projects, but that may be useful or interesting to some people. Some of them are stand alone articles, others are blog posts.


Interactive List of Agricultural Robotics Projects A table of minimal descriptions of the groups & projects with links and videos in the details, enough info to decide if you are interested.

Interactive List of Agricultural Robotics Projects

This post is just announce my new list of Agricultural Robotics Groups and Projects.

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Other Things - ML Conference Attendance

If you have noticed various Machine Learning terms being bandied about more often lately, this graph may tell part of the story.

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SMD Pick & Place Alternative

As much as I would like one, I can't afford a pick & place machine. So in its place I make these little 3D printed jigs that help with hand-placing small SMD components on PCBs.

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Toaster Oven Reflow Recipe

A standard toaster oven does a great job of reflow soldering. This recipe uses an unmodified oven and is a mixture of times & temperatures that I have found works very reliably.

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