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This site covers Hidden Valley Plantations robotics projects, targeting several aspects of macadamia production and research.

Current Projects

Drone Harvester A small remote controlled harvester for collecting trial plot yields and commercial harvest on small farms. Longer term it will be autonomous.
Orchard Autonomy Pack A self-contained set of sensors, software and driver electronics that allows devices such as the Drone Harvester to become fully autonomous.
NIS Sorter/Scanner An electronic sorter that prioritises high accuracy and repeatability above speed. It can also be used as a quality scanner.
Nut Measurement Project Using a modified version of the Sorter/Scanner to do industry wide pre-season nut measurements to forecast the upcoming crop.
In Field Dehusker A husker used when harvesting trial plots; it allows weights to be done immediately in field without the logistics of taking samples back to base for dehusking.
Other Things This section is a collection of various bits, pieces, techniques and commentary obliquely related to these projects.
Hidden Valley Plantations (external link) These projects grew out of our macadamia business.

Recent Posts

Interactive List of Agricultural Robotics Projects

This post is just announce my new list of Agricultural Robotics Groups and Projects.

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Changes to our Websites

So we’re making some changes here …

The websites are being updated to a new format and some parts are being moved around.

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Other Things - ML Conference Attendance

If you have noticed various Machine Learning terms being bandied about more often lately, this graph may tell part of the story.

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Nut Measurement - 2021 Season Planning

For 2021 the plan is to move to an earlier sampling regime in January and also some trials testing the methodology in December.

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Nut Measurement - 2020 Season

The NIS Sorter/Scanner needed to be modified to do the measurements. For the 2020 season there wasn't a lot of time to get this done but a new device better suited to the task was ready in early January...

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